Greetings! I'm neoeclipse and I want to welcome you to my little dream corner. As many already know, I dedicate my free time to the creation of characters, universes and stories, which I wish to share with everyone. For this reason, I designed this website, so that everyone can have easy access to my work.

Feel free to browse the various sections of this site, and follow me on my social networks to keep abreast of new updates.

I hope my work is to your liking. Have fun and thank you for your visit!
UPDATE - 01.13.2018
New year... new start... More updates soon
UPDATE - 10.13.2017
The site has been redesigned to provide better navigation on all devices. 5 new images have also been added in the Project R, Miscellany and Gifts galleries.
UPDATE - 09.24.2017
2 new images were added in the Project R gallery and 4 new images in the Gifts gallery.
UPDATE - 09.03.2017
11 new images were added in the Project R gallery and 3 new images in the Gifts gallery.
UPDATE - 08.12.2017
The Gallery has been updated and improved. Now you can choose between three different categories of images.
UPDATE - 08.10.2017
Welcome to the new updates section of the home page. What is the purpose of this space? Well... Every time I upload new content, or make any major changes to the site, it will be registered in this place. That way, every time you come back here, you'll know if there's anything new.

A special thanks to XibalbaPiixan, RYO-Jpn, Nancher, Emi-Alvi and ChibySoly for the art used on the website. :3
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